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John Dickson Carr
1. Per Olaisens JDC site - Contains a list of all the Carr editions Per owns.
2. Nicholas Fuller's site - Carr as well as a number of other Golden Age authors.
2. Mohan's JDC site - A nice JDC site.
3. Grobious Shortling - An annotated bibliography of Carr's books and more.

Vintage Paperback - bookstores
1. Kayo Books - Mail order and open shop in San Francisco.
2. Books are Everything - The Mecca of paperback book stores.
3. Zardoz Books - A U.K. store with a very large selection.

Vintage Paperback - fan sites
1. Waystation Central - Links to many vintage paperback/pulp sites.
2. Tawdry Town -
lots of great pic's and commentary on "the dark side of vintage paperbacks".
3. Mark's Vintage Paperbacks -  paperback collecting and rare paperback books from the 40's, 50's, 60's and 70's.

Other book related sites
. International Book Collectors Association - All kinds of useful book collecting information.
2. ClueLass  - A great site with lots of info on mystery books and resources.