View Full Version : Bug in Forum Software?

July 5th, 2002, 10:30 PM
I don't know what happened with this quirky forum software -- spent 20 minutes replying to a submission about "The Judas Window" but when I clicked Send got a hang followed by the dreaded 404 web page cannot be accessed screen. And now that I'm back, the original message that I was replying to has vanished! Get a Search error when looking for it.

If that posting ever appears again, I'll rewrite my reply. It was about Carter Dickson's "Judas Window."

July 8th, 2002, 11:18 PM
I'm not sure about the error. However, the site uses cookies to keep track of things like what messages you have read, who you are, etc... The session timeout is probably less than 20 minutes though. That is, after a certain amount of time (probably less than than 15 minutes) with a period of inactivity it will assume you are no longer on the site and may log you off. I am only guessing but I will increase the session time out to something greater.

Just in defense of this software, this software is the real deal. It is used by several multi-million dollar companies (http://www.ina-community.com/forums/) and can handle in excess of 100,000 users, several million posts and more than 400 simultaneous users. However that doesn't mean that problems can't occur. They have a newer version out and I will be upgrading sometime this week.

July 9th, 2002, 12:19 AM
Sorry to impugn the software (although I find the navigation somewhat difficult just because I don't know what all the buttons do). It's actually very good compared to Yahoo Groups, etc.

My problem, I think, is actually my on-line connection (sprynet), which tends to freeze up -- get ignored in the polling, when you look at the connection it sits there with no bytes being transferred or received for up to five minutes. Hence sites that have time limits, like AOL, assume I'm not active and log me off.
Wish I could afford DSL or something like that instead of Dial-up.

July 9th, 2002, 07:39 AM
I've increased the session timeout just to see if that will help.

Also, I think I know what might work for you. Many (most) ISP's will automatically log you off of their network after a certain period of inactivity. I've heard AOL will do that after only 5 minutes or so. They do this to conserver bandwidth and free up incoming connections. However, there are small programs that you can get that will run in the background and every minute or so will send an "alive" signal so that your isp will not disconnect you. These programs are very popular among dial-up users.

Here is a list (http://www.freedownloadscenter.com/Network_and_Internet/Keep_Alive_Tools/) of some of them.

This is from one of the descriptions (KeepMeConnected):
With the advent of free unmetered Internet access, many users find it frustrating when connections are lost due to the ISP disconnecting because of 'idle' connections. With KeepMeConnected, you can be confident of keeping your connection even when you are away from your PC. As KeepMeConnected pings a server to keep your connection alive, you won't notice any slowdown when browsing or downloading.

I've heard that some isp's are wise to these utilities and have tried to work around them. Some of the utilitites work differently than others so you may have to try a couple.

although I find the navigation somewhat difficult just because I don't know what all the buttons do
Yes, I agree with you. I run another message board and most of the users have no computer background and they are saying the same thing as you. I ( and others) have requested to the developers that they make a quick and dirty (one to two pages)users guide that could be printed out that would explain the basic functions. It sounds like they will do this when they do the next major version this summer/fall. Thehttp://jdcarr.com/forum/images/top_faq.gif (http://jdcarr.com/forum/misc.php3?s=&action=faq) describes a number of the functions but it could be better organized. Also, directions on how to add things like italics, colored text, quotes, etc can be found here (http://jdcarr.com/forum/misc.php3?action=bbcode#buttons)