navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) pb three coffins.jpg (27060 bytes)The Three Coffins

Bestseller 47 (1944) - First (abridged)

Popular Library 174 (1949) - First unabridged
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Professor Charles Grimaud was at an inn explaining to some friends the natural causes behind an ancient superstition about men leaving their coffins. A stranger entered and challenged Grimaud's skepticism. The stranger asserted he had risen from his own coffin and that four walls meant nothing to him. He added: "my brother can do more... he wants your life and will call on you!". The brother came during a snowstorm, walked through the locked front door, shot Grimaud and vanished. The tragedy brought Dr. Gideon Fell into the bizarre mystery of a killer who left no footprints, a mystery stemming back to a macabre tale of three coffins!