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Bantam 365 (1949)









HAUNTED? You wouldn't believe it , would you? Neither did the unlucky seven who spent a lonely weekend in an isolated old house in the south of England.

Tess Fraser was as modern as she was beautiful, as hard-headed as she was soft-hearted. She didn't believe in ghosts, even when something - something she couldn't see or hear - closed its clutching hand around her ankle as she crossed the threshold of the house of doom.

None of them really believed the place was haunted... not when they heard the horrible stories of the two mysterious deaths the house had already witnessed... not when ticking clocks and jumping chairs, creaks and noises, and night-wanderings demonstrated the menace of the old mansion... not when a man died and they discovered that death itself was host that weekend! Instead they got the fabulous Dr. Fell and handed him one of the toughest problems of his weird career; if the house wasn't haunted, how could he prove it was MURDER?