navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) pb house at satans elbow.jpg (24392 bytes)The House at Satan's Elbow

Signet P3102 (1967)










Pennington Barclay, master of Greengrove, is murderously attacked in his library by something that exits from a completely locked room. The entire household - including Pennington's beautiful young wife, and his nephew, who is the heir to Greengorove by virtue of a newly discovered will - is in an uproar. Estelle Barclay, Pennington's spinsterish and psychically inclined sister, insists the attack was the work of Greengrove's ghost.

Enter Dr. Gideon Fell.

Armed with his everlasting cigar and a wicked cane, this obstreperous extrovert succeeds in frightening everybody. For as horror piles on horror throughout the night, Gideon Fell evidences interest in one person only - the spirit of the long-departed Mr. Justice Wildfare.

But Fell was not up to any supernatural hijinks, as someone well knew... the one who was most frightened of all.