navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) pb curse of the bronze lamp.jpg (26109 bytes)The Curse of the Bronze Lamp

First PB: Editions for the Armed Services 991 (1946)

First commercial PB: Pocket Book 568 (1949)
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"What has happened to Lady Helen?"

The butler was obviously terror-stricken when Kit Farrell asked him the question. "Sir, I haven't seen her. But I did find these in the middle of the floor." In one hand he held Lady Helen's gray mackintosh. In the other he clutched the dreaded bronze lamp.

Lady Helen's antique lamp bore an ancient curse. It was told that whoever owned it would be blown to dust as though he had never existed. But Lady Helen laughed at such superstition. A week later she vanished - apparently into thin air... What evil had befallen this woman who dared defy the curse of  the lamp?