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Pocket Book 386 (1946)
-this is the second printing. The first printing was the Canadian edition.









Sir Henry Merrivale vs. the Impossible.

"Victoria Fane," said Dr. Rich, "you hate the man sitting in front of you. He has done something which you consider unforgivable. You wish him dead. I order you to kill him... The weapon you hold is deadly. Strike." Moving like an automaton, Vicky raised the dagger and struck at Arthur's shirt front. Like a satisfied showman, Dr. Rich looked around. Nobody in the little group moved. Their eyes were glued on the spreading red stain on Arthur's shirt front. As they watched, he coughed once and fell dead.

It was fantastic that Vicky Fane should have killed her husband. The whole episode had been staged as an experiment in hypnotism. Vicky, as the subject, had been ordered to "kill" her husband with a rubber dagger. It was impossible for anyone to have substituted a real dagger. Impossible - but it had been done.