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Bantam 1325 (1955)
-all paperback editions are abridged










Your name is Bill Dawson.You're British, stranded in New York. You're broke and desperate, and a stranger has just paid you $10,000 to impersonate him in a perilous situation. Then the stranger gets poisoned in full view of everyone in a Greenwich Village bar - and no one sees the poisoner. You fly to London on a faked passport and you find that you have to hide from Scotland Yard while you stalk a killer. In an incredible house of luxury, an old man whispers to you malevolently over his jade chessmen, "you are going to die..." A deadly tarantula comes in your mail. The beautiful girl in the adjoining hotel room says you spent the night with her - and you wish it was true.

Try your wits on the 9 wrong answers:

  1. Was Bill Dawson walking into a trap?
  2. Was the first murder a suicide?
  3. Would dinner at Gaylord's end in death?
  4. What happened to the lawyer's secretary?
  5. Which beautiful girl was on Dawson's side?
  6. Were there a dozen murders, or only one?
  7. Would Dawson hang for another man's crime?
  8. Was his best friend part of the conspiracy?
  9. Could the dead do murder?

John Dickson Carr dazzles you with nine wrong solutions to his most exciting and extraordinary mystery - then reveals the explosive, the astonishing, hidden right answer!