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First PB: Pocket Book 372 (1946)
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Eve Neill, too beautiful for her own good, thought at first that she could keep quiet about her actions at the time that Sir Maurice Lawes was murdered. True, she and Ned Atwood had seen Sir Maurice from her window, had noted first his absorption in his antique snuff-box, and then had looked again and seen him dead, with someone reaching back a brown-gloved hand to put out the light. But she could only prove it by telling that Ned had seen it with her, and she preferred not to explain to her fiancÚ and his family that her attractive ex-husband had been in that room with her. Eve reckoned, however, without the horrifying charge of murder leveled against her by the police. In order to clear herself, she had to tell all her story, compromising or not. And then, by merciless logic, the very circumstantial evidence that should have proved her innocent was used to incriminate her.