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Bestseller 78 (1946)-abridged
-pictured at left

Dell 564 (1952)-first unabridged
-pictured below







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Terror... Noiseless but ever-present, stalks the clockmaker's shadowy old house. Corridors echo to whispering voices, tickings from a hundred clocks. And, as they strike twelve, a crazed murderer uses time to kill! In the black upper hallway a man crumples to the flowered carpet, a steel clock-hand embedded in his neck...

A frightening beginning to Doctor Fell's most frightening case. A knife-wielding shoplifter disembowels a floorwalker... circumstantial evidence brings a lovely girl to the foot of the gallows... a thing with gilt-painted hands scuttles across the London rooftops! All timed to the ghostly ticking of a skull-shaped death-watch.