navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) pb corpse in waxworks.jpg (40220 bytes)The Corpse in the Waxworks

First PB: Penguin 158 (British, 1938)

First US: Avon 33 (1943)
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Bencolin, famous Paris detective, wasn't looking for murder when he entered the ancient waxworks of M. Augustin. But in the eerie light of the sepulchral museum, he found the body of a young girl, grotesquely cradled in the arms of a wax satyr - stabbed in the back. One of the clues led him to the infamous Club of the Silver Keys, where every evening masked figures carried on illicit loves.

What connection could there be between the infamous club, and the musty waxworks? What was the secret the club owner was so anxious to conceal? What was the clue of the silver keys which two murdered members of the club were found to carry?

In a series of incidents as strange and horrible as those in a Poe murder, Bencolin at last finds the answer. Here is another mystery by the foremost modern master of the grotesque and the horrible, whose other books have achieved such outstanding success.