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Pocket Books 448 (1947)










Myron Alison had been an idol of the stage, famous for his amorous conquests and his flair for the dramatic. But he exceeded himself the night he flared to his death in flaming kerosene, with three bullet holes in his chest. The stage for his final act was a castle built in the shape of a death's-head, high on a bluff over the Rhine. When Alison danced his grisly way to doom, he touched off an investigation which revealed the secrets of Castle Skull, reopened the mystery of its late owner, the magician Maleger, unearthed the affairs of Alison's dubious assortment of house-guests, and matched the great French detective, Bencolin, against an old enemy.

Following the clues provided by a pair of muddy shoes, an illicit love affair, and a body that hung in chains, Bencolin led a chase which ended in one of the most terrifyingly eerie climaxes in his weird career.