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First paperback: as portion of anthology, Avon Giant Mystery Reader, Avon G1004, (1951)
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First separately published paperback: Avon 476 (1952)
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Synopsis (from a later edition):

Dick Darwent brooded in a dark cell of Newgate Prison - waiting to be hanged. Lady Caroline Ross, rich, cold and beautiful, prepared a champagne breakfast to celebrate her marriage. How were the fates of these two people intertwined? And how were their lives changed by a shot through a bathroom window, a riot at the opera, a pistol duel at dawn, and a mysterious coachman whose cloak was stained with graveyard mold?

John Dickson Carr, master of the detective novel, is also master of the historical mystery. This is a thrilling novel of London in 1815 and the incredible characters that make up its world of fashion, and its underworld.