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Dell 543 (1951)










When a man vanishes into thin air before his very eyes, Sir Henry Merrivale, the expert "miracle debunker," sets out to expose the trick. Sir Henry is a master of hocus-pocus, but he has to prove to himself - and to the police - that such a thing can't be done, although he doesn't expect, before he's through, to see mystery turn into murder.

Persons in the mystery:

Sir Henry Merrivale,
ornery, well-fed expert on "miracle crimes," takes time out on his way from London to Washington, D.C., to cause a riot in the New York subway and to solve a puzzle which spells murder.

Frederick Manning,
spare, scholarly, more man of the world than businessman, is said to have two passions - one of which is the school he supports. He has been behaving rather odd lately, and he invites H.M. to witness a miracle soon to take place at his home.

Jean Manning,
Manning's youngest and favorite child, a pretty, honest-eyed blonde, is just 21 and badly upset - and only part of the panic is due to fear of what her father is about to reveal.

Huntington Davis,
Jean's fiancÚ, and newest partner in his father's brokerage firm, has more than the assurance of his 30 years, but it disturbs him that his future father-in-law doesn't trust him at all.

Cy Norton,
a newspaper reporter who has just lost his job, is good-natured and full of youthful zest which gives the lie to his 40 years. Cy finds that Jean Manning stirs him strangely - because of her resemblance to someone else.

Crystal Manning,
Jean's thrice-divorced older sister, is a clever, social-minded beauty. Her cynical air seems to cover a gentle heart.

Bob Manning,
Jean's brother, 22, is at loose ends since he left college and is interested only in baseball and automobiles. His father is often in a quiet fury over him.

Irene Stanley,
whom Frederic Manning openly admits to his children he is "keeping," is a surprising woman in many ways, and the changes in Manning seem to date from the moment he met her.

Gilbert Byles,
District Attorney of New York County, is a fellow member of Manning's club. Gil Byles takes his job seriously, but he almost enjoys himself when he is working with H.M.

Howard Betterton,
Frederick Manning's lawyer, poker-faced, but genial, feels responsible for protecting his client's reputation against rumors.

Officer O'casey,
Irish son of the Bronx, feels personally responsible for the reputation of the subway system. After meeting H.M., Officer O'casey's curiosity proves stronger than his instinct for law and order.

the Mannings' houseman, is elderly and rheumatism-nipped, but in his prime he was a great baseball player.

Detective Lieutenant Trowbridge,
quiet, soft-spoken, takes statements and doesn't question anyone much about miracles.