navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) hc fell and foul play.jpg (28628 bytes)Fell and Foul Play
NY: International Polygonics (1991)
383 pages
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First IPL printing January 1991
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  • A woman is stabbed in a locked tower.
  • A man is bludgeoned in a room with its windows locked and its door guarded.
  • In the midst of a seance, a medium is murdered, perhaps by ghostly hands.
  • A man is killed while burglarizing his own home.
  • The body of a strangled woman lies on a beach. The corpse is surrounded by unmarked sand.

Bizarre murders, locked rooms, impossible crimes. These are the cases for Dr. Gideon Fell, John Dickson Carr's Chestertonian sleuth. Here, for the first time all of Carr's fiction about his great detective is brought together in one volume including two previously unpublished wartime radio plays.


In addition this book contains six characteristically clever Carrian crime classics. One, a historical mystery in which a swordsman reveals a strange past, my prove unknown even to some of the author's most devoted followers. In the others a man is paid to commit a legal murder; a mysterious American intervenes in an assassination in France; a judge is shot with a bullet from a different gun; a knife vanishes into thin air; and a dying woman sends a cryptic message to the living.