navbar_draft_6.jpg (14851 bytes) hc devil kinsmere dj.jpg (55964 bytes)Devil Kinsmere (by Roger Fairbairn)
London: Hamish Hamilton (Sept. or Oct. 1934)
NY: Harper & Brothers (Feb. 6th 1935)
The Harper edition is seen at left.
320 pages

Copyright page:
First Published 1934 (even though it was published in 1935)

This is the only 1930's Carr title by Harper I've seen that doesn't have the date on the title page (except for the second printing of The Murder of Sir Edmund Godfrey). It also does not contain the First Edition slug or the two letter date code on the copyright page. The copyright page states that it was printed in the British Isles by the Star and Gazette Company Ltd.

In Greene's biography of Carr, he mentions that Harper had Hamish Hamilton print extra  copies of this book which Harpers then issued as their own.  The British edition was reprinted twice.